How to deploy your code? Stack Overflow tell us their approach…

It’s a major part of coding, it’s all good it working on your machine, your version of SQL, your local single IIS box, but how do you take the single web site and get it out to the general public, or out to your testers? What’s the most efficient way, what requires the least amount…

Verizon Buy Yahoo

Yahoo was the Google of my generation, it was the place to go for News, Email, Games, Chat. It was my homepage and the place I went to search the internet. At one point Yahoo was valued at $125 billion. Yesterday, Verizon the US mobile network bought it for just $4.8 billion! That’s still quite…

#CodeTalk – Writing Secure .Net Web Apps, Maintainable JavaScript & C# Factory Pattern

Web Developer & Web Design Articles You Need to Read It’s been a little while since the last CodeTalk but this one is back bigger and stronger with more great code examples and articles that have been making the rounds recently. The articles below will be discussing how to keep your .Net Applications secure, an interesting…

Windows 10 has a new update coming!

I think we can all agree that Windows 10 has been a revelation from Microsoft. More than 350 million devices are now using the software and it’s clock up billions of hours of usage. It’s even prompted many businesses to switch from archaic old Windows XP bringing everyone onto a level playing ground. It’s Windows…

Microsoft aquires LinkedIn for $26.2 billion

Microsoft has decided to aquire LinkedIn for an astronomical $26.2 billion. Microsoft is bound to incorporate LinkedIn functionality into their forthcoming apps, and I’m quite excited to see how these pan out. The deal is expected to complete by the end of the year, with both companies still operating separately. I’m guessing the Nokia merger…

jQuery 3.0 Released!

It’s been a long time coming but jQuery 3.0 is finally released! Read all the details here: Let us know what you think in the comments below.

March Desktop Wallpaper – Tongariro Crossing!

I was lucky enough a number of years ago to go to New Zealand and hike up and through the Tongariro crossing. This was actually in March so I though it would be nice as a little tribute to use it for my monthly wallpaper! Hope you like it! Click on the image required.

5 CSS Styling Techniques to Wow your Clients, Colleagues and Bosses Alike!

Our rendering engines are a lot more sophisticated then they have ever been. The CSS techniques shown within will speed up rendering, loading, or lower the page bandwidth and most importantly improve the user experience.

#CodeTalk – AngularJs2, Jquery 3, SPA’s and GITHub

This CodeTalk is jam packed full of great articles! Focused on front end web application development. With these languages there is a potential to create an SPA application using Angular, JQuery and GitHub as Source Control.

That’s a pretty popular development pattern at the moment so I wanted to delve into each a little bit more and hopefully inspire others to research more on the topics if that’s your cup of tea.

#CodeTalk – Json Extensions, Meteor, Ruby SPA and helpful WebDev apps

Json Extensions, Meteor, Ruby SPA and helpful WebDev apps articles web developer and web designers need to read!