Chef, Kubernetes and Meetups

Yesterday I went to my second ever Meetup. For those who don’t know what they are, a Meetup group that you join based on preferences, you join a local community of people. Meetup groups are sustained through Meetup events, which are face-to-face gatherings that happen in real life between members and organizers. The DevOps event I went…

#CodeTalk – Writing Secure .Net Web Apps, Maintainable JavaScript & C# Factory Pattern

Web Developer & Web Design Articles You Need to Read It’s been a little while since the last CodeTalk but this one is back bigger and stronger with more great code examples and articles that have been making the rounds recently. The articles below will be discussing how to keep your .Net Applications secure, an interesting…

#CodeTalk – AngularJs2, Jquery 3, SPA’s and GITHub

This CodeTalk is jam packed full of great articles! Focused on front end web application development. With these languages there is a potential to create an SPA application using Angular, JQuery and GitHub as Source Control.

That’s a pretty popular development pattern at the moment so I wanted to delve into each a little bit more and hopefully inspire others to research more on the topics if that’s your cup of tea.