Coding Concepts – Anonymous Methods

Anonymous functions have been present in programming languages since Lisp debuted in 1958! My examples will once again be demonstrated in JavaScript.

Coding Concepts – Understanding Generics

I’ve been fascinated with Generics for a while, they can be quite hard to grasp, understanding why and where they should be used. The main motivation for the use of generics is to provide meaningful type constraints between members, Generics or Parametric Polymorphism, are used in most programming languages, and although they can be harder to understand, there are 5 main benefits to using them.

Google HashCode Programming Competition 2017

This week is the latest iteration of the yearly Google HashCode event. Google ask developers from all across  Europe, Africa and the Middle East  to take part in a simultaneous programming competition. It begins at 18:30GMT on Thursday 23rd February with an online qualification round. The best teams from this will  then be invited to…

5 Simple Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) rules we all need to follow

Search engine optimisation is not a complex art, however there are certain things that developers / web designers either forget about or simply don’t spend their time doing. These 5 techniques can be accomplished by nearly everyone, will raise your search engine profile and should not take a considerable amount of time! 1. Optimize your…